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METAL Collection

This collection is for the rock and rollers - my heavy metal lovers. The METAL Collection is edgy and bold, and is made up of larger chainmaille with varying textures of chain. Here are the bulk of my wide statement cuff bracelets, dangling earrings, and bold necklaces. You'll find drape, fringe, drama, and power with these pieces.
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METAL Long Skinny Mashup Necklace
METAL 6-Row Triple-Stripe Ribbon Bracelet
METAL Long Square and Disk Ribbon Necklace
METAL Cross Cuff Bracelet
METAL Checkerboard Cuff Bracelet
METAL Maille Collar
METAL Flower & Toggle Mashup Necklace
METAL Long Thin Rope & Tassel Necklace
METAL Criss-Cross Cuff Bracelet
METAL Tapered Rope & Tassel Necklace
METAL Chevron Bib Necklace with Rosettes & Fringe
METAL 8-Row Ribbon Cuff
METAL Medium Triangle Bracelet
METAL Tire Pendant
METAL Rosette Ribbon Choker
METAL "V" Draping Chain Necklace
METAL 5-Row Sectioned Bracelet
METAL 2 Tier Draping Chain and Rosettes Necklace
METAL "Y" Necklace With Removable Tassel
METAL Short Mashup Necklace
METAL X-Long Mashup Necklace
METAL Triple Flat Link Lariat
METAL Chain-Wrapped Flat Link Earrings
METAL Flat Link on Long Chain Earrings
METAL Large Spike Pendant
METAL Squares Cuff Bracelet
METAL Squares Long Chain Earrings
METAL Square, Link, & Disk Earrings
METAL Tapered Rope & Bar Earrings
METAL Diamond and Chain Cuff
METAL Multi-Chain Ribbon Bracelet