GEMSTONE Collection

My gemstone pieces are generally one-of-a-kind or limited edition, as all stones are unique in nature. I meticulously set each stone using a micro-welder. I begin with a stainless steel backing, then weld each tiny sphere around the stone in layers until the stone is trapped inside. Each setting is organically created as I work, with the stone size & shape dictating the arrangement of spheres around it.
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GEMSTONE Square Turquoise Pendant
GEMSTONE Black Onyx Skull Pendant
GEMSTONE Labradorite Skull Pendant
GEMSTONE Leopard Opal Arrow Pendant
GEMSTONE Black Onyx & Mexican Agate Necklace
GEMSTONE Tourmalinated Quartz Point Necklace
GEMSTONE Tourmalinated Quartz Dagger Pendant
GEMSTONE Deer Antler Necklace
GEMSTONE Rectangular Red Creek Jasper Pendant
GEMSTONE Round Chevron Amethyst Ring: Size 7
GEMSTONE White Pyrite Moon Ring: Size 5
GEMSTONE Black Onyx Moon Ring: Size 9
GEMSTONE Large Amber Moon Ring: Size 7
GEMSTONE Round Black Mother of Pearl Ring: Size 5.5
GEMSTONE Small Oval Moonstone Ring with Flower: Size 6.5
GEMSTONE Black Onyx Oval Ring: Size 6
GEMSTONE Oval Larvikite Ring: Size 7.5-7.75
GEMSTONE Oval Apache Gold Ring: Size 7
GEMSTONE Geometric Velvet Obsidian Ring: Size 7.75-8
GEMSTONE Large Spiderweb Obsidian Ring: Size 7
GEMSTONE Black Onyx Pyramid Ring: Size 7.5-7.75
GEMSTONE Pyrite Pyramid Ring: Size 8.25-8.5
GEMSTONE Solomon Agate Pyramid Ring: Size 8.25-8.5
GEMSTONE Fluorite Pyramid Ring: Size 9-9.25
GEMSTONE Oval Turquoise Ring: Size 6
GEMSTONE Stichtite Ring #1: Size 6.25
GEMSTONE Kingman Turquoise Coffin Ring: Size 8
GEMSTONE Tiger's Eye Half Moon Ring: size 7
GEMSTONE Dinosaur Bone Half Moon Ring: Size 8
GEMSTONE Oval Turquoise Hoop Earrings
From $155.00 - $195.00
GEMSTONE Crystal Drop Hoop Earrings - Various
From $65.00 - $105.00

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