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My Classic Collections

The SLINKY Collection

The SLINKY Collection is inspired by Art Deco design. These pieces are comprised of basic but intricate geometric chainmaille patterns and fine, slinky curb chain. The is the most delicate of my collections and feels the softest and lightest.

The NEST Collection

I consider my NEST Collection to be the most classic and accessible. Each piece in this collection has one or more elements where links are looped into each other to simulate the look of a bird's nest. This chainmaille design is commonly called the Mobius.

The METAL Collection

This collection is for the rock and rollers - my heavy metal lovers. The METAL Collection is edgy and bold, and is made up of larger chainmaille with varying textures of chain. Here are the bulk of my wide statement cuff bracelets, dangling earrings, and bold necklaces. 

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