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PURE Collection

A purist at heart? This is the collection for you. The PURE Collection is simply that - pure chainmaille. Little to no frills or additional design elements - mostly links. Here you will find the basic (and not so basic) chainmaille designs that will go with just about anything.
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PURE 3-Row Cuff Bracelet
PURE 6-Row Cuff Bracelet
PURE 6-Row Hourglass Cuff Bracelet
PURE Small Knot Earrings
PURE Globe Earrings
PURE Double Globe Earrings
PURE Diamond Earrings
PURE Half Moon Earrings
PURE Triple Planet Earrings
PURE Maille Band Ring
PURE Diamond Ring
PURE Rectangle Ring
PURE Chevron Ring
PURE Large Circular Ring
PURE Diagonal Sheath Ring