METAL Asymmetrical Rosette & Draping Chain Anklet


Choose a size

This anklet is both pretty and a bit rock and roll, with 5 chainmaille rosettes and asymmetrical segments of draping stainless steel chain - a mix of ten different sizes and styles. You can rotate this piece on your ankle to find your favorite orientation of elements - it looks great however you place it!

Choose between 2 sizes: S/M or M/L
The S/M is adjustable from 10" to 11-3/4"
The M/L is adjustable from 10-1/2" to 12-1/4"
The shortest measurement is taken when you hook the clasp onto the last link of the last rosette and the entire extension chain is hanging (see alternate views for a visual).
If you need a length outside of these measurements, contact me and I'll make adjustments!

FIT: You can wear this anklet comfortably either high (above your ankle) or low (below your ankle). You want to avoid wearing it AT your ankle. This is where your foot flexes, and if your anklet lands here, it will pull taut and be uncomfortable at the front and back when you walk.

Choose where you would like to wear your anklet most, high or low. Use a flexible tape measure or string to measure around your leg/foot at that point. Add about 3/4" to your measurement for the best fit. If you're in between and not sure what size to get, choose the larger size. The anklet looks best when some of the extension chain dangling down.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping time on this item may be a little longer than usual due to demand and show traveling schedule - I appreciate your patience!