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SLINKY Collection

The SLINKY Collection is inspired by Art Deco design. These pieces are comprised of basic but intricate geometric chainmaille patterns and fine, slinky curb chain. The is the most delicate of my collections and feels the softest and lightest.
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SLINKY Lace Collar
SLINKY Large Hexagon Necklace
SLINKY Long Hexagon Fringe Necklace
SLINKY Shaped Fringe Necklace with Criss-Cross Chain
SLINKY Triangles & Scallops Necklace
SLINKY 9-Row Center Drape Necklace
SLINKY Panel & Fringe Necklace
SLINKY Tie Earrings
SLINKY Shoulder Duster Chain Earrings
SLINKY 7-Rosette Bracelet
SLINKY Diamond 2-Section Bracelet
SLINKY Diamond & 9-Chain Necklace
SLINKY Diamond Fringe Earrings
SLINKY Asymmetrical Necklace
SLINKY 4-Row Section Bracelet
SLINKY 6-Row Elongated Hexagon Bracelet
SLINKY 8-Row Sectioned Bracelet
SLINKY Hexagon Cuff Bracelet
SLINKY Rosette Necklace With Draping Chain
SLINKY Rosette and Tassel Earrings #2
SLINKY Single Knot Necklace
SLINKY Single Knot Bracelet
SLINKY Knot & Tassel Earrings
SLINKY 5-Chain Earrings
SLINKY Box & Tapered Chain Earrings
SLINKY Diamond & Draping Chain Earrings
SLINKY Long Rope & Tassel Earrings
SLINKY Chain Section Ring
SLINKY Tall Chain Section Ring