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HALO Collection

The HALO Collection is designed using links made from square wire instead of the typical round wire. These links therefore have flat surfaces that reflect the light really beautifully, referencing a bright halo. Sometimes these halos are used as a charm that dangles, sometimes they are interlinked with others to form a specific pattern.
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HALO 9-Chain Charm Necklace
HALO Collar Necklace
HALO Charm Bracelet
HALO 4-Row Bracelet
HALO 11-Chain Charm Bracelet
HALO 6-Row Scales Cuff Bracelet
HALO Single Orbit Earrings
HALO Ring on Chain Earrings
HALO Long Mini Architectural Section Necklace
HALO Short Mini Architectural Earrings
HALO Long Mini Architectural Earrings
HALO Architectural Earrings

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