METAL Chainmaille & Fringe Ear Cuff


Please choose quantity & size

These unique statement accessories wrap around the ear, piercing not needed! A thick stainless wire is bent to the shape of the ear and a tiny ball is welded onto each end for comfort of wear. A length of curb chain is also welded onto its outer edge. Hand-linked chainmaille is attached towards the bottom with angled cascading fringe. These look great worn as a single accessory or as a pair.

SIZING: Please choose Small, Medium, or Large. 

MEASURING: Measure the distance between where your ear attaches to your head at the top and where it attaches at the bottom.

Size Small: Best fits a measurement of around 1-1/2"
Size Medium: Best fits a measurement of around 1-11/16"
Size Large: Best fits a measurement of around 1-7/8"

If you are between sizes, choose the closest measurement. If unsure, it is probably best to size down so the cuff will grip the ear.

Each ear cuff weighs one ounce.

*THESE CUFFS FIT BEST ON EARS THAT HAVE PROMINENT LOBES, so they can properly wrap under the ear. Unfortunately, attached lobes won't accommodate this design well.

**Please note - these cuffs are a new design challenge - sizing and fit can be tricky. Please email with any questions.