METAL "Build Your Own" Convertible Necklace - Base Chain



This base chain can be worn by itself as an everyday chain, or you can clip any of the available attachments (sold separately) to the middle link. You can even play around with attaching things to the links on the sides! See alternative views for many different options.

The design of the base chain has two sizes of curb chain, several round links, and sections of hand-linked Half-Persian Chainmaille. Choose from two adjustable lengths. If you need a different length, I would be happy to accommodate. Just choose any length and email me after purchasing.

BUY AT LEAST 5 ELEMENTS AT ONE TIME AND GET 10% OFF (Example: 1 base chain + 4 or more attachments).

A full set, which allows you to do any of the shown configurations (and any others you may come up with!) includes a base chain, TWO small nests, a large nest, a gothic diamond, a chainmaille diamond, a rosette tassel, and a 3-chain tassel.