2023 SUMMER GEMSTONE Hemimorphite & Carnelian Double Stone Pendant


This brightly colored pendant has a hemimorphite blue stone at the top and a bright orange carnelian at the bottom. It hangs from a chain of mixed patterns that is 18.75." If you would like to wear it shorter, the clasp can be attached anywhere along the chain. 

Hemimorphite has a relatively unique feature, namely, its crystal formations. It's one of only a few gems with hemimorphic crystals – crystals with terminations in different shapes at the end of the main axis.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcendony and gets its color from its iron oxide content. The name is derived from the Latin cornum, from the cornel cherry, whose translucent red fruits resemble the stone.

*Please note: the color of the stone may be slightly different in person due to photography/computer monitor/device screen color discrepancies.