July's Art Fairs!

Melissa Banks

Posted on July 10 2013

I'm getting ready to go on my July marathon, which includes Madison Art Fair on the Square and the State Street Section of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs.  I'm here in the studio working my last full day, then tomorrow will consist of running errands and cleaning the house (I hate coming home to a messy house), and hopefully making some last minute jewelry pieces.  Friday I'll be packing the car and heading up to Madison to set up my booth!  I'm really excited to be back at this show.  It's been 6 years since I've done the show, at it was a great success.  The weather looks just about perfect for the weekend - see you in booth #338 on Main Street!

The Madison show runs Saturday and Sunday, then I will promptly pack up my booth and make the drive back to Chicago, getting home late Sunday night.  I'll have Monday to scramble around and prep for the next leg of my marathon, then it's off to Ann Arbor Tuesday morning!  After my 4-ish hour drive, I'll set up my booth Tuesday evening (#B367 on Liberty near Maynard) and head to the artist party.  The State Street Section of Ann Arbor has a great party for its artists to kick off the show - free dinner and drinks when I'm hungry and exhausted - perfect!  The Ann Arbor show runs 4 days from Wed-Sat, with long, long hours.  After packing up the booth on Saturday, I'll have a relaxing dinner to celebrate, then spend the last night resting in the hotel.

Sunday morning in Ann Arbor I will do my usual ritual before leaving town.  I've gotta have breakfast at Zingerman's deli (love this place!), then I'll head across the street to the local artisan market and visit the shops nearby.  After a nice morning in Ann Arbor, I say goodbye and hit the road, getting home Sunday evening. 

After these back-to-back shows I hopefully rest for a day and then...it's less than 2 weeks until my next stint.  August 2nd starts 8 shows in 10 weeks for me.  Am I crazy?  That's been an open ended question for quite a while now.... ;)

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