Expansion of my Swarovski crystal designs!

Melissa Banks

Posted on March 08 2012

This blog post is an excerpt from my recent March newsletter - enjoy!

The NOIR Collection has been a big hit since its creation.  I originally offered pieces only in Jet (black) and Silver Crystal (clear/silver).  I wanted to keep things easy and neutral.  One reason for this is that Swarovski doesn't offer every shape of crystal in every color.  So as a designer, it is very difficult to design with certain shapes, and then be able to offer them in any color across the board.  Swarovski does offer most shapes in very neutral colors, so it made the most sense to just stick to 2 neutrals.

As the collection grew, I found the Black Diamond color (smokey gray) in one of the crystal shapes, and decided to offer that for those limited pieces.  The color is a great success (I just wish Swarovski made more shapes in it!)  The Black Diamond also gave me the idea to mix all of the neutrals together, so a few items can be purchased in this "Multi" option (pictured above).  I also recently discovered that all the shapes I use in my designs are offered in Copper Crystal, which is a nice orange/rust color that reflects a pink/yellow/green spectrum.  It is great to wear with a variety of browns & earth tones.  So all of the NOIR pieces can currently be purchased in this copper shade as well.  Although I don't have pictures of the jewelry in this color yet, the option to purchase pieces in this color are on the website.  (See example of copper crystal in the photo below ).

One day recently I decided to randomly order the teardrop shape in green just for kicks.  (They are used in these earrings.)  I loved seeing more color!  Since I can't offer my whole NOIR Collection in various colors (i.e. I can't make everything in blue since the crystal shapes I use just don't come in blue, nothing I can do), I have decided to make limited edition/one-of-a-kind pieces in bright colors.  These pieces will only be offered at my shows for retail, and they will only come in the colors I have designed with.  I am of course open to customers asking for other color variations, but please understand the possibilities may be severely limited.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.  I have already designed necklaces in purple, champagne, & olive green, and have some blues and other colors on the way!

The last update on the NOIR Collection....Please note: I will be taking down the NOIR Red Collection at the end of the month, since this is a limited edition collection.  It will still be available by request, and may be making a reappearance next holiday season ;)

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