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Melissa Banks

Posted on November 14 2011

There's just never enough time to prepare for the holiday season as well as I would like, but I'm working on getting photos retouched and uploaded to the website in the midst of making inventory.  I worked really hard this year on designing pieces for the guys out there.  It was a challenge to say the least!  I really wanted to design pieces that were a little "outside of the box" while still being accessible and wearable for men.  I really did have to look at designing in a very different way, considering sizes of patterns, lengths of necklace & bracelets, along with other things.  I'm still learning, so any feedback is appreciated!  I hope this collection is successful and stays around for a while.  I'm curious to see how it evolves as I continue to learn.  

I'm a little over half-way done getting the photos ready to launch here on the website.  Look for an announcement soon!

(...and a big "thank you" to Tony Davis for modeling the collection - and Audrey Keller for shooting it!)

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