Did you know...? (#2)

Melissa Banks

Posted on August 23 2011


Did you know that this will be my ELEVENTH year in a row exhibiting at the Bucktown Arts Fest?  Looking back on that first year in 2001, I was sharing a booth with my fellow jeweler, Melissa Kolbusz of Wired, and boy, did it rain!  It poured so hard that the roof of our tent pooled with water and collapsed on top of us as we tried to push it off.  Whoops - that didn't work so well.  Jewelry fell to the ground and into the muddy water in our booth.  What a way to begin our history with this show!  

Regardless of the storms, we had a great time and met some really cool artists and dedicated patrons of the show.  Since then, it has been one of my favorite shows of the year with lots of my fellow artist friends and what I personally believe is the best of the best in Chicago.  It's also a special show because it always falls on or near my birthday.  This year, it lands right on it - Saturday the 27th.  The first 20 people who wish me a happy birthday and mention this blog post will receive a free pair of earrings from a selection of oldies but goodies :)

The last thing I'll mention - PLEASE note that my booth is 13 spots due WEST of where I have been in past years (on Lyndale), so do not miss me!

See you this weekend!

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