Did you know...? (#1)

Posted by Melissa Banks on August 10, 2011

I've decided to start a running theme with some of Rapt in Maille's blog posts - called "Did you know...?"  This may help answer some frequently asked questions, and share some insight to why I do what I do, and why artists might do what they do.  One of our many jobs as artists includes educating the public on what drives us, and what our thought processes and experiences are, along with many other things.  I hope this may help in accomplishing that.

#1 - Did you know that the "Metal" part of the METAL Collection refers to the term "Heavy metal?"  


Years ago, I decided to only use one word to name each collection, so I have in a way closed myself off to having more options.  So it is often a challenge coming up with collection names.  With the METAL Collection, I wanted to describe it's edgy rocker-vibe, but so many words that came to mind seemed too cheezy.  I was worried, with "metal," that customers might think I was referring to its material, (which it is a metal - stainless), but a lot of people use the word as a generic term to describe jewelry made from cheaper materials (like mass-produced costume jewelry).  But it was a risk that I took.  And now I'm here to tell you - it's METAL, MAN!


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