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Melissa Banks

Posted on April 26 2011


Welcome to our brand new website! With advances in technology and website functionality, we felt it was high time to bid the old flash site farewell and built a brand new site with many improvements for both us and our customer.

Here is a list of some improvements and features you will see with the new site:

  1. New "I'm looking for..." field in top right corner of every page to search products by keywords.
  2. "View by category" option on product pages will make shopping easier.
  3. Format for product photos, description, info, and price will be more user friendly.
  4. Larger product image size, with more options for alternate views.
  5. An overall clean, simple, and no-nonsense design.
  6. Utilization of new company branding including logo and modified color scheme.
  7. Blog feed built into the site, with more consistent postings.
  8. Addition of Paypal for purchasing options.
  9. Visibility/functionality on mobile phones (iPhone, Android, etc).

The new site was a long, but exciting process with many hours of hard work by a team of awesome people.  My sincerest thanks to Sean Fermoyle at Simpletype Studio for the new logo and website design, as well as Shaun and Tom at 3.ZERO for building the site from the ground up.  It was a wonderful, organized, and smooth process from start to finish, which is absolutely priceless.

We hope you enjoy our new online presence as much as we do.  Enjoy taking a look around, and let us know what you think!

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