WINTER GEMSTONE 2023 Laguna Lace Agate Teardrop Necklace



This agate has zig-zagging bands of gray and beige against a creamy white background. A stainless barbell bail is attached to the stone and it hangs from a "V" of hand-linked chainmaille, and ends in a ribbon of fine curb chain. 

Length is adjustable from 17.25-19.25". The stone is 2" tall.

Agate consists mostly of chalcedony and quartz, making it a very hard stone. Laguna lace is found in regions of Mexico, particularly in the mountain ranges of Chihuahua State. It is recognized for its vibrant banding of red/orange and may also have brown, gold, and white.

*Please note: the color of the stone may be slightly different in person due to photography/computer monitor/device screen color and lighting discrepancies.