ONE OF A KIND Zig-Zag Drape & Fringe Necklace

Item #OOAK4


Melissa designed this bold neckpiece at the start of 2012, beginning with a tightly woven chainmaille base structure in an asymmetrical zig-zag pattern.  Next, chain fringe was added to mimic the bottom shape of the chainmaille.  Then, different textures of chain were draped and hung very carefully for an interesting visual balance.  Melissa also attached diagonal sections of chain at the top structure of the necklace to bring some alternate texture to that area and to create interesting negative space.  Last, the piece is finished with a hand-braided chain that goes to the back of the neck.  Length is adjustable by a couple inches, with a large lobster clasp closure.

Out of all of the jewelry designed by Melissa in nearly 17 years, this piece is the most monumental, and one she is most proud of.