METAL Mask/Eyeglass/Necklace Chain


Choose length and rubber attachments: none, clear, black, or both

This new chain can be used as a mask chain, an eyeglass chain, or you can just wear it as a necklace! It is offered in two different lengths: 24.5 and 30.5", with options to also receive 2 pairs of rubber attachments for the eyeglass chain conversion. Choose clear rubber, black rubber, or one pair of each. Simply clip the lobster clasp on each end of the chain to a loop on the rubber attachment and slide over the arms of your eyeglasses. 

For mask chain, clip each lobster clasp to the string or elastic of your mask.

See alternate views for the different ways to wear this chain as a necklace, depending on which length you choose. Display is not to scale.

* Please note slight price change between options

** Mask and glasses not included

*** Rapt in Maille suggests that you keep your mask folded and closed while wearing around your neck so it remains as clean and sanitary as possible.