GEMSTONE Labradorite Skull Pendant



Currently one of a kind, but others similar may be made in the future.

This carved labradorite skull is set with prongs, stainless steel spheres and flowers that are created on a micro-welder. The chain consists of chainmaille box pattern with curb and cable chain. Length is adjustable from about 20.25-22.25" and the stone, including the setting, is 1.75" in height. The stone will flash bright blue in sunlight, but otherwise will appear a darker, less flashy blue-green-gray.

Labradorite was named after where it was found, in Labrador, a province in Canada. According to Inuit legend, a warrior saw the Northern Lights trapped in the rocks and struck them with his spear to free some of the lights. Because of labradorite's blue flashes and changing color, it is known for its transformative properties, enhancing inner will and strength. It is considered a very powerful protector.

*Please note: the color of the stone may be slightly different in person due to photography/computer monitor/device screen color discrepancies.