GEMSTONE GAUGED Velvet Obsidian Point Earrings



These large, wickedly awesome earrings have domed velvet obsidian points set in tiny stainless steel spheres. The stones hang from short chains attached to a segmented hoop earring. The stone is black but has a velvety appearance with slight hints of a greenish sheen in certain light.

These earrings are heavy and best suited for gauged/stretched ears. However, they will accommodate standard piercings if you can wear heavy earrings.

Total length from the top of the hoop is 3-1/8". Inner diameter of hoops is 9/16".

Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed by fast cooling lava. It is known to be good for balancing energy and releasing the ego. It is often used in self-reflective meditation, for internal growth and self-understanding. 

*Please note: the color of the stone may be slightly different in person due to photography/computer monitor/device screen color discrepancies.